If you are running an organization full of guardians, then you and I both know that your people are your most important resource. There are no systems or technology that can replace a compassionate, dedicated human being.

Can you say with certainty that you are doing everything possible to protect the mental health and well-being of your team? If you aren’t sure, then let’s talk. Whether you want help assessing your organizational culture, want to measure your team’s resilience levels, or simply need to brainstorm with someone - we can help.


As a leader or supervisor, you are hit from both sides. The job takes a toll on you individually, plus you are responsible for protecting those under your leadership.

As a corporate coach, I can help you make a plan to handle that balance. Whether you need help with prioritization, managing conflict, or just need a sounding board, I’m in.


Before becoming a therapist, I was a tech/data consultant. And at my core I am still a geek. If your organizational health needs a reboot, I can help.

Using metrics, iterative change, and good, old-fashioned strategic planning, we can work together to strengthen your organizational culture and the people within it.


As you’ve likely noticed, we are passionate about teaching and training. In many spheres, guardian cultures are marked by silence and “toughness” when it comes to the challenges of this work. If you want to provide your team with mental health trainings that never mention the words “mental health,” give us a call.