My name is Shannon.

I’m deeply motivated to help our community’s guardians. Tragedy and suffering are something that we all must face, and in those moments we need heroes. But as a therapist, foster/adoptive mom, and family member to a whole bunch of first responders - I know that helping takes a heavy toll on those who are willing to shoulder the burden. And unfortunately, the existing supports aren’t always helpful. Sometimes they are absolute shit, if we are really honest about it.

Whether I am working with individuals, couples, or an entire organization, my purpose is to strengthen those who sacrifice for our community. I’m a top-notch listener and a whiz with a whiteboard and post-its. I’m equally comfortable in the therapy room and the board room, and honestly, I hope to help those two rooms understand each other just a little bit more.

Give me a call and let’s talk about what’s going on.


I bring several layers of experience to my work at SoS. For close to a decade, I worked as a tech and data consultant, helping companies build the technology and data plans they needed to meet various strategic goals. I loved the work, but as I sat around the many different conference tables, I began to wonder about the human element of these companies. Sure, we could build brilliant technology. But if the people in the room weren’t unified, motivated, or capable, what was the point?

This line of thinking was the beginning of my pivot into education - first, a corporate coaching certificate from Fielding University, and then a Master’s in Couple and Family Therapy from Antioch University. The combination of programs gave me a strong foundation in both coaching and counseling (which are similar, but different).

Throughout my studies, I became increasingly interested in compassion fatigue and secondary trauma, and focused most of my research on these topics. As a foster/adoptive parent I have felt the burden myself, but have also seen it in the lives of my guardian friends and family. I absolutely hate that those who step in to help are often chewed up by the roles. I intend to combine my experience, education, and natural inclinations to do something about it.


Good question. A cairn (aka a stack of stones) can help you find the trail. My hope is that our time together is similar. Whatever is going on for you as an individual or an organization, we can work together to find your next steps.