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Hello and welcome to Stack of Stones!

If you have been a fan of the Foster Innovation Lab, don’t worry, our work will continue. We are simply merging our efforts. SoS provides support and encouragement to guardians. A guardian is anyone who helps others in distress - first responders, medical professionals, foster parents, social workers, CASAs . . . you! We continue to be dedicated to our goal of making things better, and are simply expanding that mission.

At SoS we provide ecourses, counseling, coaching, and consulting. Not only are we dedicated to keeping guardians healthy and strong, but we also want to help organizations take good care of their people. The work we have done with the Lab is a great fit with this mission, and we look forward to continuing our work within the foster care system.

If you are looking for one of the team members from the Lab, use the contact form and we will get right back to you. Or, follow our work through email or Instagram. Thank you for your continued support!

- The Lab Team (Lori, Mackenzie, Patty, & Shannon)