You got into this work to help people. You’ve seen things, heard things, been a witness to suffering and devastation.

Is that work starting to take a toll? If exhaustion and burnout are creeping in to darken the job that you used to love, you aren’t alone. This is hard work. Too many guardians are struggling in silence, and it’s time to do something about it.

Services for Individuals and Couples

Our name, Stack of Stones, comes from the small cairns that often mark the trail in the backcountry. That is the approach we take to counseling and coaching. We aren’t the experts or the fixers. Our job is to ask good questions, identify patterns, help you build a plan, and get you on your way. No incense, feeling-word charts, or hugs included.


Sometimes the practical parts of life become overwhelming. Schedules, priorities, job stressors - they can all pile up. One client described it as a bucket of legos - everything is helter skelter. My job is to help you sort and stack.

Coaching sessions will help you bring order to the chaos. We will work together to define the problem, identify potential solutions, and then build a plan. Available for either couples or individuals, coaching sessions are completed over video chat and offered to those in any location.


Even if we don’t like to talk about it, emotions and mental health are a real thing. If you are doing guardian work, you are exposing yourself to suffering and trauma. Keeping it locked inside may seem like the safest option, but eventually it takes a toll. Whether you are feeling the impact individually, or your relationship has gotten a bit rocky, I can help.

Counseling is available for both couples and individuals. Counseling services are delivered in-person and available to anyone within driving distance of Reno, Nevada.

Are counseling and coaching different?

Yes. The methods of both are similar - my job is to ask good questions, help you identify patterns, and work with you to define solutions. However, the content of our time together will be different.

As a coach, I am helping you with current and present goals. We can work on schedules, priorities, habits, etc. In a coaching session we will not discuss trauma, past relationships, or any of the more emotional topics. That is counseling territory. If you are in Nevada, I’m happy to provide either service. If you are outside of Nevada, I can only provide coaching services, but can also help you find a qualified therapist in your area.

Not sure what you need or whether I am the right fit? No problem. Use the scheduling link to set a free consultation and we can figure that out together.